Smile, It’s Sweater Weather!

I always believe that every season brings its own good things and it applies to the cold season as well. Nothing wrong with wet, cool weather and darkness which slowly gets longer. It’s just a matter of how we deal with it. Stay positive and stay happy in this sweater weather!

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What Does Sweater Mean?

Sweater or jumper is a type of clothing with long sleeves. It is a type of wear to cover the upper part of our shape. In the traditional way, sweaters were a product from wool but nowadays it is made from cotton, synthetic fibres or a combination of those materials. 

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In early days the knitted clothes could be handmade by the wife of fishermen or even by the sailors themselves. Natural wool contains oil and is the best against the cold and moisture. This kind of sweater or jersey became very popular and spread out throughout Europe. The name of the sweater itself was starting in the 1890s once it was adopted by the athletes in the United States.

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Year by year jumpers, jerseys or sweaters got more and more different names. One of the fancy names we often hear is pullover. Pullover means pulling over your head and wearing it over your shirt without buttons. We also hear about sweatshirts who actually have the same idea, to keep us warm but it is made from heavy cotton.

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How To Take Care Of Your  Sweater?

Don’t worry about choosing a slightly bigger sweater than your usual original size. And please take care of your sweater, from extreme heat the shape can change.

Sweaters from whatever materials will stretch when it hangs. So the best way to make your sweater keep in shape is just to fold it. But if it is really not possible you can fold your sweater half and lay it over the bar of a hanger. 

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Here I have the best sweater for this sweater weather. Time to say welcome to the cold season and add your sweater stock by only clicking the links and images from this post. I believe it can help you to refresh your autumn and winter look this year. Happy shopping and spoil yourself!

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