What is Twinklesobright.com ?

Twinklesobright.com is a blog about hypes and must have items. We also share news about new releases, sale items and the best places you can buy. Not only about shopping and lifestyle, we also like to write about life and spread out love and positive spirit to the world. Our goal is our readers can enjoy all the information and share our positive thoughts in every post from this blog.

The items in our posts or shop pages are offered by our Dutch and international partners. We do not sell products ourselves but we work together with these shops. Feel free without worry to shop the items you find from our website, we will refer you to our partner webshops or stores. You can always believe us that these are reliable providers and sell genuine products. All Dutch partners deliver mainly to every address in Netherlands and our international partners can deliver abroad.

With our pleasure, we are working hard to keep you up to date with the most current releases, trends, hypes and trending.

The items that I am looking for is not on Twinklesobright.com

That can always happen. Please send us email here we will try our best to help you. If we have no affiliate partner with the brand you like, we are happy to provide you personal shopping service. Let’s shop together!

I have a question about shipping, return or order

Once you like the items from our posts,  you will be referred to our partner shop or store. Therefore, the actual sale does not go from Twinklesobright but from one of our partners. For questions about shipping, returns or orders, please contact the shop yourself. If you do not know how to do this, you can of course always ask our help here. We will gladly help you further.

Does Twinklesobright.com have a store?

No, we do not have a physical store. Also no online shop. But our partners have that. The transaction also takes from our partner shop self. You buy the items not from us but through us.

Can I advertise on Twinklesobright.com?

Yes, that’s possible. The products advertised must be relevant to our followers and to our basic goal (read paragraph 1). We are very strict about this. We are not an advertising platform. For more info see  “advertise” .

Where can I go with questions, suggestions, and comments?

You can send us an email here . Normally your question will be answered within one working day.

Is my personal information secure?

Nothing is as irritating as data that is not secure. Twinklesobright has currently scanned all known security holes. We do this on a very frequent basis and use the most updated software. See our privacy policy for more info.