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Hi! I’m Puspita,

I’m an Indonesian woman living in Holland. Before I moved to Holland, I worked as an airline ground crew for almost 12 years. I loved that job very much because my passion is to meet many people and to learn many cultures. For me, that job teached me discipline, hard work, kindness and empathy. 

In my spare time, I also liked to write. I wrote about everything I saw, anything that happened  and what I felt during my days in the airport. Sometimes I wrote about habits, attitude, emotions, style or wisdom, ideas based on the true story I saw on that day.  I guess that I’m a good observer 😉 .  For me it was very surprising that it turned out, I can make many people feel like they also join my days and feel my feelings. It makes my family and friends suggest that I should write a book because they said I’m a good storyteller. 

After I’ve got married and have kids, I have many more things to share. There are now even more stories to write. My life is more rich with new things around me because of living in another country, becoming a wife and moreover being a mama to two amazing boys. 

All of a sudden, life led me to become a personal shopper. From Holland, I’m assisting many people from other continents and countries everywhere in the world to organise their needs. So beside a storyteller I am also trusted as an online personal shopper. Nothing makes me happier than reading a happy email or chat from my client because they can get what they want  or they can give a present to someone they love. That always gives me an awesome feeling. Same like with my previous job as an airline ground crew, I keep on ensuring an easy, smooth and happy experience. 

Twinkle So Bright

After I only wrote on social media, I started my blog in 2019 to share my stories. It quickly became one of my biggest passions. Blogging has now led me to meet many amazing people such as you 😉

By blogging, I want everyone to know where I usually go shopping. You also can shop for yourself through my affiliate links in this blog.

So finally I am here, ready to share my story about fashion, shopping, social events, culture, being a woman, wife and mother. Thank you so much for coming here and for giving me a platform. I do my best to show trends, proposing budget friendly shopping guides, talking about secrets from fashion insiders and also advising the most trusted shops you can go to.

With Love,


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