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    The Story Of Father’s Day

    Every man can get children, but not every man can be a father Being a parent is not easy. I am happy that we have a special day to remember how blessed we are to have a father and mother. Every parent loves their children sincerely from their heart. It is always nice to give our parents special attention on their special day. Because it is good to show how grateful we are and how good they raised us. Shop: Gucci I believe that last Mothers Day, all of us did our best to spoil our mother. And this month is time to honour a man who always takes care…

  • Thank You

    Thank You…

    Dear Twinklers, 2021 is the year full of challenges but I’m happy because I feel I can make it. All the weird things that happened force us to learn something new every microsecond. I try my best to stay focused and up to date with the situation. Keeping it stable in the emotion in the middle of the world in uncertain circumstances was never easy. But I believe that every lesson will only sharpen our talent. I learned a lot in Twinkle So Bright for the past 12 months. I work hard to understand what my readers expect from this shopping blog. And I expand partnerships with more brands and…

  • Sinterklaas Is In Town
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    Sinterklaas Is In Town

    Finally the most favourite figure from children in the Netherlands arrived. Yes, Sinterklaas is in town. Sinterklaas and his Piet came last Saturday. Usually, everyone in this country will be very happy to shake hands with Sinterklaas and Piet. But it is a pity that since last year we have to celebrate it a bit differently. Sinterklaas decided to work from a hidden place and reduce the public gathering because of the pandemic situation. But nothing can stop this beautiful celebration and Sinterklaas really clearly gives his instructions that everyone has to prepare their shoes. So, are you ready to get many presents this year? Shop Now: Kinderkraft Who Is…

  • Sinterklaas Is Coming. Time To Prepare Your Shoes
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    Sinterklaas Is Coming. Time To Prepare Your Shoes

    November is here and that means in the Netherlands, Sinterklaas is almost arriving. Sinterklaas is a big and important figure for all children in the Netherlands. Children in the Netherlands believe that Sinterklaas will always come with his boat from Spain in November. Together with many helpers, called Piet, Sinterklaas will bring a lot of joy, love, happiness and gifts to celebrate his birthday on 5 December. Shop Now: Home accessories Second week in November is the scheduled time for Sinterklaas and Piet to arrive in the Netherlands. So this is the right time to make a wish list. In this tradition, people in the Netherlands will put their wish…

  • What To Wear This Autumn And Winter In Denmark
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    What To Wear This Autumn And Winter In Denmark

    Finally autumn holiday is here. After many weeks full of hard work from home only, me and my family decided to go for a short break to Denmark. The first stop is Copenhagen because it is easily reachable from out Holland. We drove through Germany and we continued with a ferry from Puttgarden to Rødby Denmark. Shop: Ted Baker Coat, Ted Baker Pullover, Nubikk Boot I feel so blessed that God allowed me to have this job. As a blogger, I can work everywhere. Actually everything is giving me ideas to write and share it with you. Even though we call it a holiday, I couldn’t stop looking around because…

  • Newborn Essentials From Bugaboo
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    Newborn Essentials From Bugaboo

    Finally I was able to open a new chapter in life. I left my job, because I wanted to get married and move to the Netherlands. Once I delivered a baby, I promised myself that I will do my best to take care of my kid. Becoming a mother didn’t mean my life came to a stand still. I had to do many more things, like passing the requirements to live in the Netherlands.  Shop Now: Bugaboo Bassinet & Seat ( Newborn – 4 years ) I had to pass the language and culture test. And no other choice for me than I had to open my books, learn and…

  • 5 Reasons Why I Became Blogger

    5 Reasons Why I Became Blogger

    I always like to write whatever is in my head. It started by only making a routine diary  since I can write. My father supported this hobby, he wanted me to write even more. One day, I will never forget, he brought home a typewriter and taught me how to use it. I even still can hear the sound once me and my father pushed the buttons. He wanted me to explore my hobby and invite others to read my writing. Shop Now: Coach I am happy that nowadays we all can have this platform.  A very fun playground which we can use to write. Now, I grew from a…

  • Back To School With Nike Kids
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    Back To School With Nike Kids

    Hi Twinklers, how was your weekend? It was super nice for me and my family. We always like to spend our weekend together. We celebrate our blessings, that we all are healthy and happy. Simple things like playing football in the park, or walking around in a small forest already gives us a good feeling. Alternatively, we just bicycled together and bought ice cream somewhere in town, it’s a very nice habit. Shop Now: Nike Kids The spring holidays are just over, my kids have been busy going back to school. Since slowly the temperature is changing, I realised that many things have to be renewed, so we can use…

  • Dutch King’s Day. Together In Orange!
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    Dutch King’s Day. Together In Orange!

    Every April 27 the Netherlands celebrates King Willem Alexander’s birthday. King’s birthday is an important day for people from  the Netherlands. On King’s Day, everyone is happy to make a party for the King. Shop Now: Nike Air Zoom, Nike Air Force 1 The Netherlands look orange. In everywhere you will see people using orange clothes and attributes as a symbol from the Netherlands. They add the national flag on the houses and along the road. The Dutch use unusual attributes, such as Orange wigs, super big orange glasses, orange hats, orange scarf or orange  shoes. People draw their faces with the Dutch flag and put an orange flower on…

  • My Career Is My Hobby

    My Career Is My Hobby

    Can my hobby become my career ? I have been working in a transportation company. Being silent and doing nothing is not an option for me. Once I was blessed with two babies ,who were born one year after one another, I have been super busy. My husband is a big businessman. Before this pandemic, he flew very frequently to everywhere in the world for his business. As a wife I love to support what is his dream and what he is doing. I’m Ok to stay in the house with my two baby’s and scratch my desire to continue working in the airport. My kids need me so much,…