Are Platform Shoes Still In Style?

Platform shoes are back into the trend and the style is even better than before. This new style brings back nostalgic vibes. Platform shoes have refreshed styles, they are more versatile and come with more modern designs.  I think platform shoes are a resurgence of one of the big shoe trends everyone has to follow.

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Are platforms more comfortable than heels?

Platform shoes are a good choice if you love to gain a few centimetres. It is an excellent trick for all those who want to look taller without pain and of course it can boost your confidence. Platform shoes are for sure an amazing alternative to high heels because they elevate the ball of your feet and also your heels. Which means they keep your feet at a more comfortable angle than most other types of high heels shoes.

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Consider shoes with a platform

Thick soles from platform shoes make your ankles look slimmer and greater for emphazising smaller ankles. Platform shoes provide more support than high heels. It is easier to wear and the balance improves your posture as well.

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Gym & Platform Sneakers

Platform sneakers have similar shape, materials and are comfortable like sport sneakers. But platform sneakers are not the best shoes to use at the gym. This style resembles sport sneakers and is actually comfortable for ”lifestyle” activities. I think it is also the best alternative to have beside your chunky sneakers.  Have that nostalgic vibe and be cool. Get them in your shopping bag quickly!

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