Sinterklaas Is In Town

Sinterklaas Is In Town

Finally the most favourite figure from children in the Netherlands arrived. Yes, Sinterklaas is in town. Sinterklaas and his Piet came in the second week of November. Everyone in this country is very happy to shake hands with Sinterklaas and Piet. Everybody is waiting for Sinterklaas instructions when they have to prepare their shoes. So, are you ready to get many presents this year?

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Who Is Sinterklaas

Sinterklaas is a legendary figure, with a very strong lovely character, originally from the Netherlands. He lives in Spain but every year he will always come to the Netherlands, bringing presents and  happiness for everyone. He writes everyone’s name in his big red book, together with their wishlist.

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Sinterklaas is a very old story, which in the end became a basic idea from Santa Claus narrative. They both always share presents and use the same red and white clothes. Sinterklaas comes from Spain with a boat. He has a white horse, his horse is called Ozosnel. Beside Ozosnel, Sinterklaas always comes with many Piet. Piet will help Sinterklaas to deliver the presents from house to house through the chimney, while everyone is sleeping. Children will sing a Sinterklaas song, to invite him, before they go to bed. Sinterklaas and Piet will leave pepernoten and chocolate letters everywhere around the house as their mark.

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Sinterklaas has nothing to do with Christmas. He comes to celebrate his birthday on 5 December and not on 25 December. Sinterklaas is just for everybody with a good heart and soul. As someone who lives in this country, I am proud that the Netherlands keep this lovely ritual very big and original.

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Being Sinterklaas

I believe that all of us already spread the good things and share the love everytime, just like how Sinterklaas teaches us about that spirit. Sinterklaas is a legend who will always be in our pulse. How beautiful can this world be, if everyone also wants to help Sinterklaas? Share the attention, share the happiness and share the presents.

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Look And Listen Around

Do you see or hear someone wants and needs something? So why not support Sinterklaas to make it happen for them. In this post, I will let you know the best ideas and places where to buy those presents. If you like it yourself, you also can write it as your own wishlist to present to Sinterklaas. Don’t forget to tell Sinterklaas he can buy all of these presents only by clicking the images or the links in this post.

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