Puma Chunky Cilia

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Puma Chunky Cilia Womens
Soft Foam+ Optimal Comfort
Size: 4UK | 37EU | 6.5 USW | 23 Cm


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Puma Chunky Cilia Womens
Soft Foam+ Optimal Comfort ( 2314 )

Sneakers nowadays are more flexible to use. Based on the basic function, this type of shoes is made for our comfort. Puma is one of the sport brands who worked out on this mutation. Inspired from athletic shoes, Puma makes lifestyle sneakers. We still can use it for some sports but actually it is preferably made for our daily movement. Relax and trendy designs are the strength from Puma to go inside the mainstream market.

Since 1948 Rudolf Dassler has brought Puma to be one of the innovative leaders concerning sport shoes. Puma also succeeded to make many legendary designs and all that experience made Puma lasting until today.

Puma Chunky Cilia is the most comfortable shoes. With a soft foam + Optimal Comfort design. The shoes will give you what they promised with a super chic and beautiful colour bring you to the  casual elegant, luxury and unordinary look. The rubber sole is a bit thick but the shoes self are super light. Your feet are free to move with these shoes without you have to “break it” like new shoes. The size run normal and it just perfect Amazing! Use and fit without pain.

Puma sneakers are a good choice for everybody. They are not expensive but comfortable to use, have many designs and colors for your daily style. Puma is the best option for every level fashionista.

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4 UK | 37 Eur | 6.5 USW | 23 Cm