A letter from Puspita

Happy New Year

Dear Readers,

Same as many people in the world, I want to do many interesting projects. This year I had to hold many plans because something unordinary happened. I catched it as the world needed some resting time after it had been so busy. Everyone on this earth has to calm down and back off from their habits for a while. But life must go on, we have to keep on believing that the current pandemic will end soon. Once my life is full with limitations actually that is a time for me to show more creativity, using my resources more and work hard to reach my goals from another angle. And of course I don’t want to sound so mawkish, lucky me that I had my family and all of you as amazing supporters that cheered me on along the way.

You Have Kept Me Going

Every time you open and read my blogs, share my posts to your family or friends, follow me on Instagram, FB Page, Pinterest or shopped sneakers or stuff that you love, actually you already show me that I Am on the right track.

Thank you so much.

One more year loaded with sweet recollections and cheerful times has passed. You have made my year exceptionally uncommon, and I wish this continues forever. With you around, each minute is a unique event for me. I wish you to have a year as incredible as you are.

Once we enter the new year, we will take with us a lot of lessons from the year before. From 2020 we remember again and learn more about the meaning of home, safe and prosperity with our families.

With that in mind, I want to raise a glass ( or many glasses and I hope you will do the same too ) for awesome you and me because we have passed 2020 strong, well and secure.

I will keep excited for whatever the future brings. I Am going to explore new ideas and reach out even more for collaboration opportunities ( maybe it can start with you anyway ) etc. And I am going to do all of those incredible things with you. Thank you so much for allowing me Twinkle So Bright – together with you.

I only have one word to describe what I feel right now, and that is – Grateful !

With Love,


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