Are Sneakers Making You Look Unfashionable?

Are Sneakers Making You Look Unfashionable?

Sneakers were not in my dictionary. I was working in an airline company and loved to look feminine with my short skirts and high heels. I felt extremely beautiful in that style and had no problem using my high heels everyday.  As someone who doesn’t like to go to gym, I never had sneakers and maybe this sounds weird, I thought that sneakers were only suitable for running.

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Fashionable With My sneakers

But everything changed, once I got pregnant. My feet became bigger and bigger.  Using high heels was not comfortable anymore. I started to use flat shoes. But flat shoes made me feel less stylish. My babies were born and I enjoyed my time as a young mother. I like taking care of my babies, I walk around with them in their stroller or carry them everywhere. I changed my shoes with sneakers to make my movements more smooth, easier and secure.

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Modern & Stylish

I was surprised once I tried my first sneakers, because it turned out I had always been wrong. Using sneakers didn’t make me look ugly at all, they just made me look younger, sportive, dynamic, modern and actually even more stylish. 

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Timeless Trends

Now I have more eyes for this type of shoes even though (of course) I still have a pair of high heels. I always like to see, follow and find out where to get the hype and exclusive sneakers. I am proud once people comment about my sneakers and when they are curious about where I bought them. In this post I will show you the sneakers you must have. You can buy it by simply clicking on the pictures and links. Exclusives, must-haves and timeless trends. Sneakers are the best pieces in which you would be wise to invest!

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