• Is Pink A Colour For Men Or Women?

    Is Pink A Colour For Men Or Women?

    Pink is always associated with sweet, love and romance. It is also related to feminine and softness. Even though sometimes, this colour is a synonym for immaturity or childishness. Shop: Adidas, New Balance 574 Gender Colour I understand that most people think that pink is a girlish colour. But that is not completely true. At the beginning of the 20 century, shops in the US started to give colour advice to the new parents. In 1918 the trade publication Earnshaw’s Infants’ Department declared that pink is a colour for the boy and blue is a colour for the girl.  Shop: Aape Hoodie, Fjallraven Backpack Pink is considered a stronger colour…

  • Must Haves On Valentine’s Day

    Must Haves On Valentine’s Day

    It’s almost February and we can feel love is in the air. Valentine’s Day, as one of the most lovely moments every year, is right at the corner. A day to celebrate love! Shop: Converse Valentine Everyone in the world should be in the spirit of love and everybody is allowed to express their deep romantic feelings. Please say that you are happy together and blessed to have each other. Shop: Converse Platform Deep Inside Love is something deep inside our heart and love is the biggest energy to create all the positive things. A simple “I Love You” means more than anything in the world because love can cross…