• My Career Is My Hobby

    My Career Is My Hobby

    Can my hobby become my career ? I have been working in a transportation company. Being silent and doing nothing is not an option for me. Once I was blessed with two babies ,who were born one year after one another, I have been super busy. My husband is a big businessman. Before this pandemic, he flew very frequently to everywhere in the world for his business. As a wife I love to support what is his dream and what he is doing. I’m Ok to stay in the house with my two baby’s and scratch my desire to continue working in the airport. My kids need me so much,…

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    New Balance 247 Own All The Deals

    Happy Monday and let’s start today with a positivite mindset. I know there is much sorrow around us during this pandemic, but allow our heart and mind to believe that our day is about to get better. Our upside down life teaches us to be more flexible. Think out of the box and out from the normal.  Graze is a smarter way to snack with snacks made from healthier ingredients and delivered directly to the consumer. Once we have to do everything from home, we need something nice to support our busy life. Comfort, flexibility and coolness to hold up our good mood is something we must use. Relax, just…