• Space Jam In Your Outfit

    Space Jam In Your Outfit

    I believe that Space Jam 2 is one of the best movies that everyone would like to watch this summer. Space Jam, featuring one of the most popular cartoons ever,  really deserves to be seen. This movie has a classic humor that will make us love Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and all the rest more than before. A really big compliment for Michael Jordan, who wanted to play a movie, considering he is actually an athlete and not a professional actor. Shop Now: Converse   The revenue of the 1st Space Jam was more than 250 million dollars from all over the world. And it was the tenth highest-crossing basket movie…

  • Dutch King’s Day. Together In Orange!
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    Dutch King’s Day. Together In Orange!

    Every April 27 the Netherlands celebrates King Willem Alexander’s birthday. King’s birthday is an important day for people from  the Netherlands. On King’s Day, everyone is happy to make a party for the King. Shop Now: Nike Air Zoom, Nike Air Force 1 The Netherlands look orange. In everywhere you will see people using orange clothes and attributes as a symbol from the Netherlands. They add the national flag on the houses and along the road. The Dutch use unusual attributes, such as Orange wigs, super big orange glasses, orange hats, orange scarf or orange  shoes. People draw their faces with the Dutch flag and put an orange flower on…