Adidas Falcon Retro Shoe Exclusive For Women

In 2018, Adidas dropped their new design exclusive for women. They called it Adidas Falcon . Many superstars such us Kylie Jenner, Dua Lipa, and Hailey Baldwin also use it, and it helped to make these shoes popular


These shoes identical with striking colors, followed the dad-shoes trend. Different with dad-shoes from world designer versions, Adidas Falcon has reasonable price. All that combined makes these shoes easy sold out in everywhere.


Using these shoes will make you feel comeback to the 90s. The other magic from these shoes is they will keep on make you look glamour and stylish with every outfit you want to use. Many influencers on social media just use it together with casual outfit during the day or with the dress for a night out.

Are you a big fan from Jenner’s? Do you want to use same shoes like her? Then you better hurry, because you are not the only one!

But don’t worry, I will put on the link here, where you can buy Adidas Falcon from my favourite retailer.

If you are too busy to hunting these hype shoes yourself, reach me here. I will always love to help you.

Happy shopping Twinklers!


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