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    The Story Of Father’s Day

    Every man can get children, but not every man can be a father Being a parent is not easy. I am happy that we have a special day to remember how blessed we are to have a father and mother. Every parent loves their children sincerely from their heart. It is always nice to give our parents special attention on their special day. Because it is good to show how grateful we are and how good they raised us. Shop: Gucci I believe that last Mothers Day, all of us did our best to spoil our mother. And this month is time to honour a man who always takes care…

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    Floral Festival To Refresh Your Home

    Summer is on its way and this is the right time to add more colours into your home. I know it has never been easier. What are the best colours, collections and brands we have to choose for this season? I have found floral spring and summer collections, which are nice and cosy for the ultimate spring and summer feeling. Shop: Apron, Vans, Storage container, 1.5 liters I especially love the soft palate of blueish powder in slightly different hues. These shades are super fashionable because classic blue is the Pantone colour of the year. Blue shades are also stylish for your tableware collection. It becomes more special because blue…

  • My Career Is My Hobby

    My Career Is My Hobby

    Can my hobby become my career ? I have been working in a transportation company. Being silent and doing nothing is not an option for me. Once I was blessed with two babies ,who were born one year after one another, I have been super busy. My husband is a big businessman. Before this pandemic, he flew very frequently to everywhere in the world for his business. As a wife I love to support what is his dream and what he is doing. I’m Ok to stay in the house with my two baby’s and scratch my desire to continue working in the airport. My kids need me so much,…