• Summer Sale Is Heating Up. Official Shopping Time!

    Summer Sale Is Heating Up. Official Shopping Time!

    Once we talk about luxury, everybody can imagine something beautiful and expensive. We understand that shopping is an art and it allows us to act smart. We can get luxury items with the best deals during the sale time. Shop Now: Nike Air Max ZM950, Nike Air Max 95 Luckily sale time is always coming every season. Every shop and brand has to make a space for the new trends coming in. Fashion is super dynamic. It changes very fast, mostly even before we realize it. Don’t worry about buying sale items because people around us will not sense it anyway. Especially classic designs and colours will for sure be…

  • 5 Reasons Why I Became Blogger

    5 Reasons Why I Became Blogger

    I always like to write whatever is in my head. It started by only making a routine diary  since I can write. My father supported this hobby, he wanted me to write even more. One day, I will never forget, he brought home a typewriter and taught me how to use it. I even still can hear the sound once me and my father pushed the buttons. He wanted me to explore my hobby and invite others to read my writing. Shop Now: Coach I am happy that nowadays we all can have this platform.  A very fun playground which we can use to write. Now, I grew from a…

  • Dutch King’s Day. Together In Orange!
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    Dutch King’s Day. Together In Orange!

    Every April 27 the Netherlands celebrates King Willem Alexander’s birthday. King’s birthday is an important day for people from  the Netherlands. On King’s Day, everyone is happy to make a party for the King. Shop Now: Nike Air Zoom, Nike Air Force 1 The Netherlands look orange. In everywhere you will see people using orange clothes and attributes as a symbol from the Netherlands. They add the national flag on the houses and along the road. The Dutch use unusual attributes, such as Orange wigs, super big orange glasses, orange hats, orange scarf or orange  shoes. People draw their faces with the Dutch flag and put an orange flower on…