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Working From Home: What Should I Prepare?

As a blogger and affiliate marketer, I can work from everywhere and mostly I’m working from home. I am a mother and I blessed with two young fantastic boys. They are my biggest reason to hold myself not being so much busy outside and actually I am OK also enjoy with it.

I can understand that many people doubt about working from home. It could feel like less prestige, asocial, difficult to grow, stressful etc. Here, I write why I choose to work from home and some tips to build your office at home. I hope it can help you to be more confident and positive about that.

Why Working From Home?

Working from home is not so much scary like what many people think about. For women, wives and mothers like me, it is really fun and flexible. Once my kids go to school, I have full time to work, and once my kids back home from school, I can keep on look after. Practice and cheap because I can skip office rent, a babysitter, or ask help from Opa Oma to take care my kids.

Mini Office

I make a mini office in one room with a very big window. From my window, I can see small hills, small rivers with wooden bridges and grass yard. I can see people walking to the hill, kids playing in the grass or once Mr.Postman coming in to our house. A good and free view is important for people like me. Inspirations are the key to keep me writing. Of course everybody is different, you can make your office according to your own character. Paint the office with your favorite color is also one of the best tips to cheer up yourself. I also made my mini office as simple as possible. One medium table, one comfort chair, desk lamp, long cable. Please think also about wireless printer because it is really easy to use. I can print from my laptop or my handphone without any cable need. Because some time I have to take a photo about some product ( and the weather outside is not always good ), I  also prepare one good spot for that.

Stay Stylish

Working from home makes you possible to do in your pyama. It is depending on every person but I am not that kind of type. I love to treat myself  really like I go to work in office and dress like a normal professional. And I choose to stay beauty and stylish. I use some simple make up, at least my lipstick, dress tidy and use my heels who match with my clothes. In the wall I have a mirror to force me keep on look tidy like a lady in the office.

Discipline And Consistency

Because you work from home, not means you can start your work in whatever time you want just because you don’t have a boss. I am a boss for myself, so I have to be disciplined and consistent with my work and my time. Yes I don’t need to report or do some absence like if I work in normal office. The choice is, I have to be disciplined and consistent or I will get lost. I put my schedule time in the phone. I set alarm when I have to start to work, lunch and finish because I have to pick up my kids from school.

After pick up my kids and help them with their homework or just sit together listening to their stories from school, I have  a little bit of time to comeback in my mini office before my husband comes back home. Believe me that it is fun, because I also can work together with my kids. I do my work and they are busy to make some drawings or writing or make an art together in one room. A big note for my kids is also maybe a good tip for you.  I only allow my kids stay in my mini office if they can sit and working calm. But if that is not possible for them, they have to go to  the living room. Whatever it is, the room is my office, the owner or the visitor have to be disciplined and consistent with the rules, right?

Focus and Productive

Once people sit alone, the most difficult is to keep focussed. Please read again the point above about discipline and consistency. Stay away from something who can disturb your focus, like checking your private social media,  watching youtube, put many snacks on your table and make your mouth busy. Hold your focus and please be productive instead of only throw your time without you realize.

Make A Target

Once I decided to open my company, I know that I am a boss but at the same moment I’m also the employee. I have to do everything on my own, from marketing, administration until target planing. And believe me that a target planning really will be effective to make me ready to climb mountains. I have no choice for this, I have to work hard because I make the target my self. It is not only for how to make my wallet getting bulky but more for myself, the proud and good feeling that I’m able to do this.

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