The Story Of Father’s Day
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The Story Of Father’s Day

Every man can get children, but not every man can be a father

Being a parent is not easy. I am happy that we have a special day to remember how blessed we are to have a father and mother. Every parent loves their children sincerely from their heart. It is always nice to give our parents special attention on their special day. Because it is good to show how grateful we are and how good they raised us.

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I believe that last Mothers Day , all of us did our best to spoil our mother. This month it is time to honour a man who always takes care of us. We call him father, the most special man, chosen by God to take care of his family.

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A Reliable Symbol

There are tons of stories or legends that illustrate the character and sacrifice of a mother. Sometimes a father is only standing in the background and often it looks like he is just forgotten. Most fathers don’t get active roles of nurturing like a mother, but they give the solid foundation behind the scenes. Do you remember your father ran beside you once you started to learn how to ride a bicycle? Or how he is rarely home because he has to work hard to provide a living for his family? A father is always standing to support and keep his loved ones on the right track.

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Fathers are reliable symbols in the family, holding up the family structure. Just as important as a mother, in general, fathers are considered as the provider and protector of the family. He is not always seen but absolutely important to build the wholeness of our soul.  A father is a person from where every kid can learn about dominance, confidence, provision, strength and bravery.

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Fathers Day

The celebration of Father’s day started on 19 Juni 1910 in Washington. Sonora Smart Dodd was the first woman who started the tradition and made Father’s Day as a national celebration. She was raised by her single father and she thought that fathers also deserved to get the same respect like a mother.

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I am happy that Sonora Smart Dodd was bringing on this idea. For me, my father influenced how my life is today. He taught me how I can stand strong in this world and keep on confident. My father is very conventional. Not so much talking with his kids, but always there and ready to take care of his family.

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Show Your Feeling

My husband has a different character than my father. He is always doing something fun. He communicates and plays a lot with the kids and all my kids are crazy with him. They can do the best teamwork ever in the world. The best team once they play football until ruining the living room. Everybody is unique and the exact pattern of how to be the perfect father does not exist. Because nature will lead all the men in the world to be the best father for their own kids.

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This year, the Netherlands celebrates Father’s Day on 20 June 2021. I know you are wondering what to get for celebrating Father’s Day. Here I have some references for you. Shop by only clicking the images or the links in this post. Time to show our feelings.  I am proud of my father, my kids are proud of their father exactly like how you can be proud of your father. 

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