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Rejecting the usage of animals as commodities is getting more popular in the world. The name of this movement is called veganism. We call people vegans, who join and support this movement. Vegans do believe that avoiding animal products is healthier and better for the environment. The commitment of veganism encourages humans to be more friendly to animals, wildlife and the earth.

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Veganism Is Not Only Diet

Veganism is famous for their diet. People who live as vegans eat only plant based food and refuse to consume meat and secretions like milk, egg and honey.

Shop: Palladium Pampa

Many vegans also don’t wear any products made from animals. They do not use leather or fur. Vegans reject the use of animals in other forms because they want to support harmony in life with animals. This movement really focuses on leaving animals out of the food, fashion product and entertainment market.

Shop: Palladium Pampa

Vegan Style

Luckily that many fashion brands understand and give their part for supporting veganism. In this post I have vegan articles for every vegans in the world. I believe that we need a fresh style to welcome spring and soon summer this year. Go around the town and nature in good style with these shoes. Because they are all reworked with organic cotton and recycled materials, specially made for eco-friendly people like us. I think we all agree that being vegan does not mean going out of fashion. Happy shopping and happy love for our nature more and more.

Shop: Palladium Pampa

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From recycled ocean waste to sustainable activewear

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