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Our Most Loved Motif: The Butterfly

Butterfly is back in the trend and that is literally everywhere right now. We can see world designers continue exploring the butterfly again and again. From top to toe this beautiful insect is a meteoric rise in fashion.

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By fashion history, butterflies were used as a fashion ornament for a man. Raissa Bretaña, a fashion historian, says that there are examples of mens waistcoats that feature embroidered butterflies. The humble butterfly dates was a symbol in the 18th century.  But butterfly ornaments were eliminated in men’s fashion in the beginning of the 19th century.

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Returned to the trend

In the surrealist period of the 1920s, butterflies returned to the trend. The generation of surrealists have the intention to make them familiar again. They want to show how the world can be so fragile and full of tension in a new reality like a dream. In the summer collection 1937, the colourful butterfly motif came into the dinner jacket too.

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In general, the butterfly is a symbol of a positive message. Butterflies are a symbol of rebirth and freedom. I think butterflies are a good symbol to use after a pandemic situation. Over the past two years, all of us have been cocooning but now we want to re-emerge and start our flight.

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An inspiration

The butterfly trend continues to grow. It means the butterfly is fashion’s most in demand animal print. A beautiful butterfly comes from the caterpillar once the cocoon feels too tight and suffocating.  What an inspiration! 

And here I have a beautiful series you can choose. Grab it all by only clicking the images or the link in this post and you are ready to metamorphosis.

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