Jelly Footwear Will Dominate Summer!

Summer style is in the spotlight. This is the perfect time to discover new horizons and change the trend. Wearing comfortable clothes and footwear during this season is important. Please remember that style not only means joyful and comfortable. Style must be in the trend to elevate your confidence. One of the famous classic footwear recently made a comeback.

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Timeless And Comfortable

Jelly footwear is available now for the summer. This super comfortable footwear is actually not only for your kids but is suitable for all ages! This is the best footwear to choose from on your relaxing days. This kind of footwear is fun and flexible to use in your picnics, on sandy beaches or on a rainy day. The good thing is they are easy to clean. 

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For your information, jelly footwear was already made shortly after World War II. Méduse footwear or jellyfish in French was created in 1946 because of scarcity leather material during the post war. In the late 1950s, when plastic products were booming, jelly footwear became more popular in the market. People liked this jelly footwear because it was budget friendly and waterproof.

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The Hottest Summer Fashion

A businessman named Preston Haag Sr founded a new company called Grendha. With Grendha, he introduced jelly footwear in the 1982 World’s Fair in Knoxville Tennessee. Jelly footwear became a high fashion hit in February 1983. A fashionable and luxurious department store in New York, Bloomingdale’s, put jelly footwear on display. From there jelly footwear turned out to be the hottest summer sandal in the fashion world.

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High Fashion Versions

Today, world designers like Balenciaga, Moschino , Gucci and other big brands have made high fashion versions of jelly footwear. Some brands even over vegan friendly products and recycled materials for this footwear. 

Shop: Balenciaga

Fashion never stops growing. Jelly bags are a must have this summer and it fixes your outfit together with your playful and comfy jelly footwear. Get them in your shopping bag quickly by only clicking the links or images in this post. Discover all of the best collections in this post and trust me, they’re as unique as your personality.

Shop: Balenciaga

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