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Falling In Love With Puma

This post is based on my experience and understanding with Puma sneakers. Last weekend was nice weather, so I went shopping in one of the famous designer outlets in Germany. I passed many sneakers outlets including the one with Puma

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I’m always crazy to have many shoes and sneakers in various colours, brands and models, but Puma was never in my collection nor in my wish list. I always thought Puma was not cool.  Maybe because Puma pricing is always under the other brands, so I thought it would be uncomfortable shoes  even though my eyes always followed every new colour from the Puma series.

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Falling In Love With Puma

But since last weekend, I have a different opinion. And I can tell you, my opinion became enormously different! I went around the outlet and my eyes fell on a Puma chunky model with a blue sign “Soft foam Optimal Comfort”. I tried it and Oh My God! They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever tried in my life! I tried to walk around and the shoes were giving me what they promised. I enjoyed walking on top of a soft carpet and the shoes perfectly held my feet. Even though the rubber sole is a bit thick, the shoes themselves are super light. My feet are free to move with these shoes without having to “break it” like new shoes. The size ran normal and it was just perfect. Amazing!

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Can’t Stop To Shop

I thought it was just because of a special type with the blue logo only. How about the other model without the logo? I was curious. I went around the outlet again and I saw a Puma with a very sweet design. Shoes with a bow bring me out to the girly and sweet side. The rubber sole is just normal thick with the leather as an upper material. And again I was surprised. They are also very light to use once I move and fit without pain because the leather is not hard like ordinary new shoes. I almost couldn’t hold my feelings to dance inside the outlet to celebrate how happy I was and how I changed to be super cute, clean with these Puma basket bow tribes.

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It wasn’t stoppable anymore. I also tried and took a Puma basket luxe with laces which I put on my hair once when I was young. I felt super chic and beautiful with these shoes. The rubber sole and the leather for the upper shoes are the same comfortable as the Puma basket bow. I took a rose gold colour because of it’s elegant, luxurious and unordinary look. 

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I Am A Puma Lover

So, Twinklers, I am falling in love with Puma. Puma sneakers and Puma accessories are a good choice for everybody. They are not expensive but comfortable to use, have many designs and colours for your daily style. I can say Puma is the best option for every level fashionista. Do you have a special favourite Puma series? Please feel free to share with me ( and us ) in the comment section. 

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