Dutch King’s Day. Together In Orange!

Every April 27 the Netherlands celebrates King Willem Alexander’s birthday. The King’s birthday is an important day for people from  the Netherlands. On King’s Day, everyone is happy to make a party for the King.

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The Netherlands look orange. Everywhere you will see people using orange clothes and attributes as a symbol from the Netherlands. They add the national flag on the houses and along the road. The Dutch use unusual attributes, such as Orange wigs, super big orange glasses, orange hats, orange scarves or orange  shoes. People draw their faces with the Dutch flag and put an orange flower on their pets. They again hold traditional competitions, such as sack racing.

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Once A Year

The Government allows everyone to open stands in the city selling their used goods without tax. In these markets, which come once a year, you can buy various second hand items such as old nuts and bolts, bed sheets, and toys that are no longer used. Prices start at just 0.50 cents. The king’s or queen’s birthday is always interesting for tourists to come. A large and festive celebration involving Dutch people, showing the close harmony.

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The King’s Day

After Queen Beatrix was replaced by her first son, King Willem Alexander, they renamed the Queen’s day as King’s Day. They changed the celebration to April 27 which is the King Willem Alexander birthday. The birthday of the king or queen of the Netherlands is always special. The Netherlands made it a national off day.

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Last year the King’s day festival was very much different. Pandemic Covid 19 in the world makes every festival and party not allowed to run. The Netherlands is calm and silent until the world gets better. But everyone still can celebrate Netherlands King’s day from their home. Every house put on the Netherlands flag with an extra orange flag. Supermarkets provide nice food and snacks with orange colour as a symbol of this festival. I can see that many people and kids use their orange attributes even though everyone has to stay at home. Party at home for The King is also fun!

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Celebrate It Again

Fortunately this year we can celebrate this festival in the normal way again.  Have you ever seen the King / Queen Day Netherlands? Please let me know your day was in the comments. And if you have a plan to come to the Netherlands, I think it’s a good idea to come during the King / Queen Day and enjoy this event together.

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