Charging Your Style With The Orange Touch

Orange is the happiest colour – Frank Sinatra

Every colour carries out their own meaning, it will give us their energy once we use it. I feel amazed about how colours can influence our feelings. Every colour we chose reflects our personality. Today I post about orange colour. Actually this is one of my favourite colours. It is not because I live in the Netherlands but oranges always succeed to attract my eyes. 

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Orange is a combination between red and yellow. So that’s why orange is always special because it is a perfect combination between energy and happiness. Look at the sunshine and the joy in the tropics imagination. Orange intends enthusiasm, creativity, encouragement, warmth and energy. This colour is also common to use for asking attention such as traffic signs or advertisement boards. It is because orange can stimulate our brain activity and social behaviour.

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Colours That Go With Orange

Orange is pretty easy to combine with other colours. It can go with white, yellow, gold, red, grey or even green. Don’t worry about putting oranges together with dark colour. Please combine orange with navy, purple, burgundy, brown, or black. Because of the energy of fire or flame, orange touch will always look fantastic with anything. 

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People With Orange Colour Personality

Usually people with an orange colour personality are spontaneous, happy, optimistic, dynamic and full of inspiration. Freedom to do many things in their life is one highlight of strong character. 

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So are you one with those orange qualities? Here I have orange pieces from the spring and summer collection for you. Please click the links or images to buy from the local shop in your country. Happy shopping and happy charging your style with orange touch.

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