Autumn Is The Greatest Season Ever

Seasons change just like how our life revolves. We enjoyed the sun in the summer, autumn is the time for the earth and all of us to cool down. Leaves fall from trees and suddenly everything turns brown. Don’t be sad because it means we reached the third season of the year before winter comes.  Autumn is a time for this universe towards winter rest before we start another new circle again.

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During autumn, the sun is further away from the Northern Hemisphere. That’s why the days are getting shorter and we get less sunlight. But this season is lovely like summer because autumn brings many beautiful changes. Starting from changing our moods since the colours around us become different. The weather is adjusted to be more romantic. Everyone just wants to sit together very close and share warmth for each other.

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Autumn is the greatest season ever

Once the temperature changes, nature shows us how pretty orange, yellow and brown colours are. It changes the bright hue in the summer. Fallen leaves on the street calm our moods. Light in the night makes the world pretty lively. And the smell of wet ground because of rain from last night brings back many beautiful memories.

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The world spreads out a new aura and fantastic atmosphere through this season. There are so many reasons to enjoy autumn. We can kick the fallen leaves up in the air, jump into the leaf piles. Misty mornings or cloudy days carry a serene mind and it makes our hot coffee or warm chocolate taste more delicious than ever.

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Relax and grateful

Autumn also gives us a reason to shop because fashion changes together with the lower temperature. Luckily there is a lot of autumn wear we can choose from depending on the weather. My advice is to choose the one which is easily matched. In this post I have autumn updates for this season. Shop it easily by clicking the links or images.

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Autumn makes us calm and love our house more than before. Especially in this situation, staying at home is the safest way. Please sit relaxed and enjoy all the seasonal TV shows beside your autumn snack. Winter is never far away from autumn and please realise that it means, Sinterklaas and Christmas is around the corner. What is better than that? So I hope this post can cheer you up, be more positive,  be happy, remain grateful and stay safe!

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