Puma Basket Bow


Puma Basket Bow Tribe
Colour : White – Fuchsia Purple
Size : 4,5 UK | 37,5 EU | 7 USW | 23.5 Cm.


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Puma Basket Bow Tribe Women
Colour White ( 2310 )

Once clothes have more colours, it begins to be dangerous for black shoes. Trends and mindset are changing, now black shoes are considered to be too conventional.  And since colourful clothes have got more hits on the online market, there are white shoes which made the switch. White shoes are now already a basic need for everyone. We can use white shoes almost in every style, in the most formal ceremony such as weddings or for street style. White sneakers are included in the trend. Fashion brings sneakers to every level of their followers. Celebrities, elites, models or a mother like me. The new era is coming and white sneakers are booming.

Here I have white sneakers for you. Plain, clean and classic to support your look. Put them together with your jeans, skirt, leggings  or whatever to save and make your day easier. Magic will come right away, white can accentuate your appearance. A simple colour with a big impact on your performance.

Puma Basket white sneakers must have. Puma Basket Bow with a very sweet design. Shoes with a bow bring you out to the girly and sweet side. The rubber sole is just normal thick with the leather as an upper material. They are also very light to use and fit without pain with soft and

Puma sneakers are a good choice for everybody. They are not expensive but comfortable to use, have many designs and colours for your daily style.


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