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  • The Nike Pro Hijab 2.0 is constructed from soft, sweat-wicking mesh with tiny holes for optimal breathability. Designed to fully cover your head and neck, an interior strap helps prevent it from slipping as you move.

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Nike Pro Hijab 2.0 Black White ( 1100 )

Nike Pro Hijab 2.0 is an updated version of the original Nike Pro Hijab. It was designed specifically for Muslim females and collaborated with Muslim athletes. Nike wants to address the specific needs of hijabi athletes or non-athletes and provide both comfort and performance.

Nike designers modify the traditional hijab to suit champion sportswomen seriously. They make hijab out of lightweight polyester fabric that is stretchy and adjustable, allowing the athlete to adapt the garment to fit their head and their sport. This polyester features tiny holes that make it breathable, but it remains completely opaque. It is cut and optimized for active movement or sport and designed to fully cover your head and neck. The hijab has an interior strap that helps prevent it from slipping as you move.

I want to give praise and thank you to Nike for this Pro Hijab line. I see it as a positive step towards inclusivity and diversity in sports. Nike recognizes the needs of Muslim females and provides them with suitable athletic wear. By doing this, Nike creates a more welcoming and equitable environment for all sports enthusiasts regardless of their background or beliefs. Thank you, Nike!

Nike Pro Hijab 2.0 Black White

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