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Get ready to step out of your comfort zone and into the world with these kicks! The revolutionary FlyEase technology by Nike makes them super easy to slip on and off. Their pivoting heel design allows for hands-free entry, making them perfect for people with limited mobility or anyone who wants to save some time while getting ready.

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Nike Go FlyEase Black white

Easy On/Off Shoes ( 12757 )

These sneakers showcase Nike’s revolutionary technology designed to make putting on and taking off shoes a breeze. The heel pivots for hands-free entry, making it great for people with limited mobility or anyone who wants a quicker way to get going. The added strap makes it easier for someone to pull the shoes on and off.

But are they comfortable? Nike FlyEase or EasyOn shoes are comfortable to wear despite their lower price compared to similar shoes. The soft foam midsole and breathable mesh ensure a comfortable ride whether walking short or long distances. The added bonus is they are stylish and comfy for casual wear.

Nike has recently introduced the Nike Go FlyEase, which is the first hands-free shoe in their FlyEase series. These shoes come with a tensioner band and bi-stable hinge which keep the shoe steady in an open position. When you step down on the diving board, the shoe will click into a lock position. And, to pop it back up, all you need to do is step on the kickstand on the heel. It’s amazing technology!

So, why should you buy the Nike Go FlyEase? In conclusion, these shoes are worth every penny. The Nike FlyEase technology in this series makes it even more appealing. You can easily put them on or take them off, and the flexible heel collapses when you step in and snaps back into place. What more could you ask for?

Nike Go FlyEase Black white

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