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One of the most striking aspects of the Nike Air Max Plus is its bold design. The shoe boasts a gradient colorway on the upper, known as the “sunset” color scheme, symbolizing the transition from night to day.

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Nike Air Max Plus Grey

Summit White Smoke Grey Ashen Slate Black( 8116 )

The Nike Air Max Plus, also known as the “TN” or “Tuned,” made its debut in 1998, featuring Tuned Air technology. The terms “Nike Tuned” and “Nike Air Max Plus” are often used interchangeably to refer to the same sneaker model. Designed by Sean McDowell, it quickly gained attention for its unique and futuristic appearance, drawing inspiration from the Florida beaches, where swaying palm trees and vibrant sunsets painted the skies. This inspiration is evident in the shoe’s signature wavy upper, resembling sand ripples, and its gradient color schemes, reminiscent of the setting sun.

Nike Air Max Plus Grey

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