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This shoe fits great for:  

  • Average Foot Width, 
  • Average Arch Height
  • Average Foot Height
  • Average Heel Width

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New Balance 550 Sea salt with rosewood and ginger lemon ( 1968 )

Introducing the iconic New Balance 550! Originally making its debut in 1989 as a beloved baseball shoe, this classic was set aside for nearly three decades. Until the visionary Teddy Santis, New Balance’s creative director, breathed new life into it in 2020 with a limited edition release.

Thanks to its timeless vintage aesthetic reminiscent of 80s baseball fashion and its exclusive availability. The New Balance 550 quickly soared to become a global fashion sensation, capturing hearts worldwide and becoming a must-have item for enthusiasts everywhere.

For those curious about the comfort factor, rest assured that the New Balance 550 offers more than just style. With its plush insole and added arch support, these sneakers deliver not only on fashion but also on comfort. Plus, they provide a subtle lift, giving you that extra boost of confidence with every step.

Designed by the legendary Steven Smith, often hailed as the ‘Godfather of dad shoes. The New Balance 550 has transitioned from its origins as a basketball shoe to a lifestyle staple. Perfect for everyday wear and adding a touch of retro flair to any outfit. Get ready to stride in comfort and style with the timeless appeal of the New Balance 550!

New Balance 550 Sea salt with rosewood and ginger lemon

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