New Balance 550

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Product Details:

  • Rubber outsole for traction and durability
  • Adjustable lace closure
  •   510 grams (18 oz)
  • Premium leather upper

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New Balance 550 Grey Slate gray with concrete ( 30571 )

The New Balance 550 series was first released in 1989 and gained popularity thanks to basketball player James Worthy. Since then, the shoes have transformed from basketball sneakers to fashionable footwear beloved by sneaker enthusiasts. Collaborations with celebrities and fashion influencers have contributed to the shoe’s success over the years, making it an iconic part of the fashion and streetwear community.

These shoes are part of the New Balance 500 series, which includes both sports and lifestyle shoes. They are classified as chunky or “dad” shoes, known for their thick, sturdy soles that give them a heavier but stronger appearance. The classic and retro silhouettes of the New Balance 550 are its signature look, adding to its overall aesthetic.

These shoes are not only suitable for basketball but also for daily activities. They are made of high-quality materials and have comfortable insoles, cushioning, and overall fit. New colorways have been released for this season, and I’m confident you will love their classic and retro style. To make your shopping experience easier, you can click on the images or links in this post to bring you to the New Balance website in your region. Happy shopping, and I look forward to seeing you again in my next shopping blog.

New Balance 550 Grey Slate gray with concrete

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