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Now, let’s address a common query: Does the New Balance 550 provide arch support? Beyond its straightforward design and exceptional comfort, these sneakers offer notable advantages, including added height. Moreover, they come equipped with a plush insole and enhanced arch support, firmly placing them in the category of the most comfortable sneakers available.

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New Balance 550 White Blue
Winter fog and nb navy ( 15819 )

In 1989, New Balance 550 was launched and marketed as baseball shoes. Then, in 2020, Teddy Santis, the creative director of New Balance, resurrected the New Balance 550. After being forgotten for about 30 years, the New Balance 550 made its triumphant return in late 2020 as a limited edition product.

Fast forward to 2021, the New Balance 550 reentered the full-time catalogue and quickly ascended to become a global fashion favorite. The seamless blend of its vintage aesthetics, reminiscent of 1980s baseball fashion, and its limited availability catapulted this series into the heights of popularity. Consequently, a new hype wave was born, making the New Balance 550 one of the most sought-after sneakers on the market.

New Balance 550 White Blue

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