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  • Outer material made of water-repellent synthetic material in green
  • With typical logo applications
  • Inner material consisting of soft textile
  • Outsole made of practical rubber ensures secure footing
  • Shaft height is approx. 13.5 cm
  • Shaft circumference measures approx. 28 cm (measured at the upper edge of the boot)
  • With a comfortable, round toe cap
  • Effortless to put on without closure
  • The shoe should be protected from direct sunlight, otherwise it may shrink
  • Outer sole: Rubber

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Hunter Chelsea Green ( 28584 )

Spring is on its way. The earth is preparing for a new season. Rain will come more often to change the temperature and the air starts to get colder and wet. 

Casual shoes need time to rest now and leather shoes are not handy to use during the rainy season. In the spring, we will feel more of the damp ground, it is also getting more muddy and clammy. 

I think it is time to change your sneakers or leather shoes and start wearing the proper rain boots. Normal boots can be not designed to protect your socks or stockings from keeping dry. Another problem can also come if your leather shoes don’t dry quickly enough, they might even start to rot.

A good rain boot will save your feet from being soaking wet by the rain, mire, or even sleet. But is it possible to wear rain boots all day? The answer is yes of course. We just have to find comfortable and fashionable rain boots. You also can wear rain boots any time, like during normal rainy days in the summer. Using rain boots means to show that you have a lot of fun in your day and you are also bright and brave. 

Short pants, skirts, skinny jeans, or leggings are by far the easiest things to match with rain boots. Put on your lovely t-shirt, cardigan, or knit wear as the tops will give you a casual outfit and keep you cool. Believe me rain boots are also a practical and super fashionable item.

Hunter Chelsea Green

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