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  • This kimono is made from recycled denim using the patchwork technique. The jacket is ready to ship and you will receive the item shown in the photo.
    This  is unisex for man and woman.
  • Gift wrapping available

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Denim patchwork Kimono, Ripped jeans oversize jacket, Unisex denim parka ( 28407 )

The fashion industry has long been associated with its harmful impact on the environment. The fast fashion culture, characterised by quick trends, low-quality garments, and overconsumption, contributes significantly to waste generation and pollution. However, there is a growing movement towards sustainable fashion that aims to reduce waste and protect our planet. One of the innovative approaches in this movement is upcycled fashion, which breathes new life into old materials and transforms them into unique and stylish pieces.

To comprehend the essence of upcycled fashion, it is crucial to differentiate it from recycling. While recycling involves breaking down materials to create new products, upcycling focuses on creative transformation and giving new life to existing materials. Upcycling takes discarded items and repurposes them in a way that enhances their value and utility. By upcycling, we avoid sending these materials to landfills, reducing waste and the associated environmental impact. It is a practice that promotes sustainability and encourages conscious consumption.

The material is thoroughly cleaned and restored.
Created in a smoke-free home!
There may be some color discrepancies which is due to the different monitor settings.

(please see last photo)

Length on the back – 27″ – 69cm
Underarm to underarm 27.5″ – 70cm
Length from neck to sleeve bottom 29″ – 74cm
The width of the sleeve below is 10″ – 26cm

18 useful pockets!
Without linen.

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