Inspired by tennis sneakers, New Balance launched the CT302. CT 302 gives an extraordinary luxury feeling. With these sneakers you feel the plushness. The price is also very attractive for every platform sneakers collector.

Actually, a high end look is not the only good reason to choose sneakers. Good shoes must be comfortable to wear and must have a meticulous construction. New Balance CT 302 has all those things. It feels like walking on a rug with butter soft leather upper.

The most versatile sneaker style-wise

New Balance CT 302 is a good alternative once you feel bored with your chunky shoes. You should try this series if you need a high end look and inexpensive sneakers. Wearing New Balance CT 302 is a smart help for people who have a wardrobe mostly plain coloured. It will give you a cool laid back look.

In terms of design, CT 302 is a winner. The look is so adorable and makes your style more fun. Wear New Balance CT 302 with anything and rock it with anything. It is considered as a pretty versatile sneakers and gives balance to your striking colour outfits.

Mighty Platform

Even though CT 302 is not the lightest collection from New Balance, this series is too awesome to neglect. Their platform sole delivers excellent support and gives you a nice height boost of about two inches.

Elegant for less

New Balance CT 302 is worth buying. It really looks like designer sneakers. With sneakers that cost from 100 Euro only, you get a luxury premium aesthetic. So please take a look at the latest New Balance CT 302 releases and exciting new colour ways. I have recently added these sneakers so shop your size by only clicking the images or links in this post.

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