The New Balance 990 series has garnered acclaim for its exceptional combination of protection, comfort, and stability. It makes  one of the brand’s most popular lines since its inception in 1982.


Dedicated to crafting top-tier running shoes, New Balance initiated the creation of the 990 series in 1978. By seamlessly blending technology, functionality, structure, and design. This commitment involves significant investments in both money and time to introduce outstanding products. The series debuted in 1982. With a casually elegant grey colorway, albeit at a higher price point for its time.

Over the years, New Balance has consistently demonstrated the 990 series’ continuous improvement. Numerous updates have been introduced since its 1982 debut. It features a diverse range of colour options, contemporary designs, and the incorporation of new features and technology. The series’ enduring appeal lies not only in its performance but also in its stylish aesthetics. New Balance’s unwavering dedication to the 990 series. It is evident in its continuous production, attesting to its undeniable excellence. Don’t miss out – quickly add them to your shopping bag!

Note: The New Balance MADE line boasts a domestic value of 70% or more and constitutes a limited but significant portion of New Balance’s US sales.

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