New Balance 2002R is one of the best retro sneakers ever. The design will remind us of the New Balance 990 that brings back the sweet memory about the dad / chunky sneakers trend today. New Balance 2002R is a luxury sneakers with affordable price and on top of that with innovative technology. 

This series is the best choice for everyone who needs to wear shoes all day long. It gives the wearer a cushy feeling and provides arch support. New Balance 2002R is also good to use for walking around the city because of their cosy style. Combination mesh and suede on the upper make less worry of sweaty feet.

Quickly Sold Out

New Balance 2002R is a modern version from the expensive but exclusive New Balance 2002 Made In USA. This series is only released in special editions. It makes the New Balance 2002R quickly sold out. 

Do you know what is the first thing I feel when I hear this collection coming again?  Iam incredibly happy that I can share this news for you in my blog. I have picked out the best of the collection this year. You can get it by only clicking the images or link in this post.

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