The Perfect Age To Get Married

The Perfect Age To Get Married

What is the perfect age to get married? That is a very difficult question. In this life, sometime we can’t consider it as a mathematic. Everybody has their own perfect age, it will never be the same for anyone.

I come from Indonesia, in where people still think having the same age is crucial to get married. Women from around 24 usually means after they graduated from university, will get so many common question from family or people around them about when they want to marry, or do they have a boyfriend already?

Life Backgrounds

I was blessed with a good jobs in whole of my young life. That gave me the opportunity to meet many peoples from many backgrounds of education, life, and culture. Everybody brings and grow with their own life history. It will always give effect to the way how they take and decide their future, included decision when they want to get married.

Luxury For You

Some friends decided to married once they are young because of many reasons. Such us,

  • Religious opinion said that too long in the relation without marry will only lead you to the big sin such us pregnant before marry.
  • The relation before marry is nonsense and throwing your time. Direct getting married is better.
  • Some friends come from an unhappy family background so they want to build fast their own family.
  • Born in the rich family. Everything is easy to get. Nothing to worry about all the facility, house, wedding cost, saving account etc get from the parents.
  • Born from the poor family. Marry because they expect they can get more easy life with their partner.
  • Family influence. Such us, parents are old already so they want to have grand children as fast as they can.
  • Trend. Panic and feels alone because everybody in a round send the wedding invitation.

Time For Trends

Fairy Tale Influence

To get married, having a partner to accompany in the sad and happy moments in life is a goal from everybody. It sounds beautiful. But a married life is not such a simple fairy tale. We have to dear sharing everything, understanding, dreams, and the process how to catch it all together. It will only work if both side are ready for it.

Hypes & Must Haves!

After a few years I passed ‘the age marry trend’ I saw many friends started to struggling with their marriage life.

Terrible communications, financial problems, the real character comes only up after getting married, family influence, not enough independent, boring with their wife or husband, can’t accept and doesn’t want to change the bad habits, and don’t know how to manage a life together are a few of the common reasons. I saw many friends ending up in the divorce letter.

Good Shoes For You

Look At Into Your Self

I choose to verify my self. What I really wanted, what I wanted to achieve, what was my plan, what could be my target and what can I do for my self.

My goal was  to reach my bachelor as my minimum standard education. I wanted to have my dream job. Buy my own jewellery, take a credit for a house and property for my own proud. Build my carrier and make a position target. Pay off all my credit for a house and make it as an investation.

My plan was once I marry I can focus on the study cost for my kids. Make my saving account enough to get little bit relax life. Feel free to go out and shop for my self. Yes, I was really only busy with my self. Make it happen for my self and done with my self.

Because of all of that, I also made a standard for my partner. From how’s the physical, character, the way of thinking, until property and financial situation.

What Do You Want?

I am a women, I don’t want to have husband who want to stay in my house. He should have his own house for me and our kids later. My husband has to be same independent and hard working man like me. I want to have healthy finance, kids and husband free from alcohol, drugs, or cigarettes because I am also free from all of that. My husband has to support me, once I change my direction to stop to working or working from home because of I am pregnant and have a baby. I want to enjoy the family life together and less stress because me and my husband are done with our self.

Kacar Kucur
Kacar kucur on my wedding day ( The Javanese ceremony ). A symbol of the responsibility, husband have to provide his wife and his family.
Everybody Has Their Own Time

I am lucky, that I could started to take 10 years credit for my house once I was around 21  years old. It means, I can marry after my age more than 28 years old. Let say, if I am marry in 29 years old and in 30 years old I get a baby, I am free to think about education cost for my kids. Life will be less heavy.

Color Your Style

Everybody is different. Nothing exact perfect age to get married. Culture, life history, priority, mature process, environment are all influencing. The most important is don’t panic. Some friends are still Ok and happy even they were marry in the early 20 years old, but many is failed. Look at your self and honest about what you want and how to get that.

Everybody has their own time, don’t be sad if you are little bit different with people around you. This is your life, you create your own happines. Take your time, and your time will come.

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