My Career Is My Hobby

My Career Is My Hobby

Can my hobby become my career ?

I have been working in a transportation company. Being silent and doing nothing is not an option for me. Once I was blessed with two babies ,who were born one year after one another, I have been super busy. My husband is a big businessman. Before this pandemic, he flew very frequently to everywhere in the world for his business. As a wife I love to support what is his dream and what he is doing. I’m Ok to stay in the house with my two baby’s and scratch my desire to continue working in the airport. My kids need me so much, Ok… wrong, I’m the one who needs them so much!

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Find New Opportunities

I enjoyed the golden phase from my boys and I’m happy to be a fulltime mother for them. But time is flying fast. Now it is time for my kids to go to a formal school. They grow independently and I have again so much more free time. I opened my company and I started a personal shopping service. I know many people are busy. They don’t have time to go shopping themselves. I know many items are not available in every country. But people want to own it. I help them get what they need and what they want. From social media I reach my buyers  from Asia, and Europe. Mostly I work when my kids go to school.

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Dear To Grow

From my shopping activities, I found hypes items to sell. And I opened my eBay shop. The world is getting easier for people to shop online. Technology makes everything possible. And with e-Bay I can sell worldwide for a big variety of goods. What a heaven for sellers and buyers.

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Then a friend from my husband was talking about wordpress. I love to write. I have done it since I was so young. Once I wrote on my private social media, I got so many likes and comments. I wrote about everything, whatever idea in my head and my mind, about my feelings, about my kids, about my trip to many places. I have got many compliments and suggestions from my friends, docents and family to make a book. But now it is not the right time yet. I like to spend my time with my kids after they are done with their school. My time to write a book is not there. So blogging is a good alternative for another hobby besides my other activities. That is a signal. Time to grow for another step.

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Make Money From My Hobby

And now, I’m here. With my new website Twinkle So Bright – Together With You. I make a new playground for my hobbies and make a living. I applied as a partner for the affiliate program for eBay and Awin. From that programs, I write about many products from my affiliate partners and make my readers easy to buy by only clicking the images or the links. 

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So yes, it is really true that we can make money from our hobby. In my situation I can make money from shopping and writing. In your situation it can be different because our hobbies are not the same. But it is clear that it doesn’t matter what we like to do and whatever limited situation we have. Bigger opportunities will always arise once we keep open minded and want to find a way to upgrade our potential. Just be yourself, work hard and have confidence. Because confidence builds a lot of fun and when we have fun we can do amazing things.

I hope this post can cheer up your day. And give new energy to open many more good chances for all of us.

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