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Mama Working From Home

Hi Twinklers, today I want to share a story about why I decided to be a mama working from home and how I feel about that.

In my younger years I was working in the airline-industry for more than 10 years.  Due to the fact I accepted the “love proposal” from one of the frequent passengers in my company, I had to move from Indonesia to the Netherlands. That was not easy. I had to start and build my life from zero again. It is not only enough to live in the Netherlands, if I only could speak the English language. Not everybody talks or is dear to talk English in here. Learning the Dutch language was my first priority. It would help me much more in my daily communication, daily activities,  once I got children, or once later on I wanted to change my nationality and also wanted to apply for a new job.

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Dream Job Vs Cupido

Working in an airline company was my dream job. My parents had never enough money to bring me to fly. So I always said to myself, one day I will fly a lot and I will visit and start living in a freezing cold country with cheese on my plate as my daily menu. My dream really came true. I almost cried once I flew for my first time. The most special thing was, I flew as an employee from the airline company itself! I really made it!

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I thought I will never step out from that job, too much in love with it. But what is too much? Once Cupido was coming to me with his arrow, I couldn’t refuse anymore.

With over 10 years experience in this specific industry, I thought it would be easy for me to find a new job. Yes, maybe it is possible, but another true love comes in, a baby! Actually 2 baby’s in 2 years. How I can say thank you to God, because He already trusted me to have these lovely little boys. I scratched my dream to work again in the airline company.Yes, it is my big dream, but it came out already.

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Working From Home

I opened a new chapter in life, as a wife, as a mama and as a woman who was born with a lot of dreams. I wanted to do my best to take care of my kids and to support my husband. My kids need me, I’ d never dear to stay far away from my kids and my husband also needs me. My husband is a businessman, he has to fly a lot. He needs to feel everything is safe at home. The kids are in the best hands he could wish for. That is my hand, as the mother.

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I decided to start working from my home. Making an income from there, at the same time always close with my family. I like to write, share what I see and I like to go shopping. Before I built this blog, I did many other things. You can click here to read how I grow myself from an online shop, personal shopper, eBay seller, until affiliate marketer. I do now what I like to do. Being independent as a woman, always ready and stand by as a mama and a lovely wife.

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Working from home is ideal for me and my family. I don’t have somebody else helping me if I had to work as an employee. Other families may be blessed with Oma and Opa, who also can support them to take care of the kids if the parents have to go to work. Of course daycare is also an alternative for a couple who wants to have full time jobs, but there are always so many unusual situations. This  can also create a lot of stress. For example, if suddenly school is calling; my kids have a stomach ache, the school changes the schedule because of teacher meetings, because of the bad ( not normal ) weather, or because of the holiday season.

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Working Around My Family

 It was a little bit strange in the beginning because I was working without a uniform and didn’t have an official working place. I was working in my pyjamas, on the sofa with baby’s sitting close to my skin. But then I realized this would only make me grow more mature. Made me realize that I had to learn more about so many things. From service, administration until marketing. It opened my eyes and my mind much bigger than before. I am not a typical employee anymore, I have to make my own SOP, arrange my own working hours, create a target, plan, company direction, solve a problem and take all the decisions. I am the boss for myself! It feels Fantastic!

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Honestly, building my own company is not easy. Really on my own, no team, and no person to ask for advice. But I have a very lovely husband who always supports me and becomes a person who helps me to mapping problems so I can take actions to solve it. Once it is getting so frustrating me, I look at my kids. And it’s always successfully putting me back into the wake up modus.

After a few years struggling my business was running. Now my kids are already 7 and 8 years old, I am really happy that I dared to take on this challenge. Time is flying fast, I have such good quality time with my kids and I also see my husband growing with his business because he can feel free to focus on what he wants to do. He knows he can trust me during his busy time. And for myself, nothing more important than much love comes for me as my extra salary beside what I earn from my own business.

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Life Is A Choice

“Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make makes you.” —John C. Maxwell

Everybody has their own dreams, different situation, different history, different priority etc. I can’t say working from home is the best decision for every mama or single parent in this world. You just have to see your own situation and listen to your heart. Nothing wrong with continuing to keep on building a career and becoming an employee, but working from our own home is also a fun alternative. We are what we choose to be.

I hope this post can help you to give a good picture about my feelings and my reason why I chose to change my old dream and adjust my future. Thank you for reading my blog, please leave a comment below what is the best choice in your own situation and why? Thanks again for your share, Twinklers!

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