Happy Holidays

A Letter From Puspita

Happy Holidays from Twinkle So Bright

Dear Readers,

Finally another year has passed. For many of us it has been the first year to go back to normal life. For which we are truly thankful to God and happy. We are able to celebrate every special occasion in a common way again. We can wear all the collections in our wardrobes and dress prettier because we are allowed to go back to the school, campus or office.

The past 12 months give me a lot to be proud of and I do hope it happened the same for you as well. With immense pleasure I can say that Twinkle So Bright have made more partners with various products in 2022. It allows me to give more product ideas in all stories. Isn’t it amazing! I look out for more chances to come next year.

Together with all of the affiliate advertisers, who have worked with me this year, I can share life stories and style tips. It gives me a lot of inspiration to take forward.

I was also glad to hit a big website traffic milestone and a big newsletter new subscriber growth this year. So, a huge “thank you” to everyone who has read  and signed up to be part of the Twinkle So Bright friends.

It’s my belief that Twinkle So Bright can grow more, together with your support, and I will do my best to make it even greater with fresh plans in the new year.

You have kept me and Twinkle So Bright going

All of you made me realise that Twinkle So Bright is on the right track. Especially once you opened our newsletter, left a comment, sent direct messages, shared our stories with a friend or clicked on sneakers, coats or bags ( and perhaps even decided to have it for your own ) Thank you so, so much!

In this festive season, I know that I have to give you a break to unwind and focus on being with friends and family. But let me give you some special information. This year we  are able to share part of our commission to Make A Wish foundation. It is a foundation which gives the child and family strength in a difficult period. This wouldn’t be possible without your support. It means so much to me and Twinkle So Bright.

As 2023 is coming closer, this week is an opportunity to reflect on your year and how you want it to end! It’s your time to shine – make it a December to remember! 

Wishing you all peace and joy for the holidays and a very Happy New Year!


With Love,

Puspita & Twinkle So Bright


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