5 Reasons Why I Became Blogger

Blogger – I always like to write whatever is in my head. It started by only making a routine diary  since I can write. My father supported this hobby, he wanted me to write even more. One day, I will never forget, he brought home a typewriter and taught me how to use it. I even still can hear the sound once me and my father pushed the buttons. He wanted me to explore my hobby and invite others to read my writing.

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I am happy that nowadays we all can have this platform.  A very fun playground which we can use to write. Now, I grew from a diary writer into a blogger. And I recommend everyone I know to make a blog. Here are my 5 reasons why I love to make a blog.

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Speak More Broadly

Blogging makes it possible for me to reach so many people through the internet. It means a good promotion about myself, or my business in case I make a professional blog. What I write can attract other people and change them into a client, business partner or friend. Blogging opened my way bigger and wider. I can say that blogging is a real valuable activity.

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Blog Is My Identity

Actually what I write in my blogs gives me an identity. Blogging is like a new version of a name card. It is a live, up to date and dynamic name card. From my blog, everyone knows who I am, what I like, what I am doing etc. I can share what I know with others and make them believe in me. For sure I will always use it in a good way because I want to create many more good possibilities in the future.

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Learn Something New

Blogging really forces me to learn more new things. Writing helps me mapping many questions in my mind. Because of that, blogging forces me to find the answer to make my “map” complete. And once I share it as a story, it can influence my readers.  This mapping process continues and brings me new knowledge, new skills, staying creative, understanding and harmony in mind and ways.

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Earn Money

From many long paragraphs I wrote, it is clear that from blogging I can earn money. From my story, I open more opportunities and invite many possibilities coming. Promoting, sharing experience, information, help and doing a lot of beautiful things by blogging.

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Close With My Family

As a mother, wife and woman, I keep on wanting to be financially independent. But I always wanna be close with my kids and my husband too. I don’t like to send my kids to child care because I like to raise them by myself, on my way and with my rules. I am blessed to be their first witness from their growth and development. Everyday I made billiard photos from them and organised it. I am proud to be their first friend and teacher but also their superhero.

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Blogging makes all of that possible. I work out my hobby, I open more opportunities, I can earn money but I am always close with my family. And oh yes, of course…I also can meet amazing friends like you. What is more perfect than that 😉 . Thank you for being with me here, believe me that I also like to hear your story about your hobby in the comment section.

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