The summer season is almost coming to an end. I believe all of us want to hold the summer spirit. I know that summer is our favourite season. Brighter days and we are free to do so many outdoor activities. Our life will not be over just because summer is almost ending. Keep the joy of summer in our outfit by using intense colours.

Yellow is a colour that presents our good energy. Sunny yellows are always over us, cheerful hues and warm life. Most people will catch the optimism, enthusiasm, dynamic and sparkle from this colour. Yellow for sure refreshes our mind and energy.

Because this colour is an eye catcher the contrast with black is huge. Black is the most visible colour combination and yellow can be seen as the opposite of dark. Yellow is also the easiest colour to mix and match. Combining yellow with burgundy, red, blue, purple, green or white will never go wrong.

So it is clear that we will never lose the heat of the sun even though summer will change. Wear sunny shades in whatever season to remember that the summer will always come back again next season.

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