Red has been a prominent color in fashion for centuries. In ancient civilizations, red dye was a symbol of wealth and status. This colour was often derived from rare and expensive sources like cochineal insects. In the 1920s, this colour became the color of rebellion and seduction. It thanks to the iconic red lipstick of the flapper era. Fast forward to the mid-20th century, and this colour was embraced by Hollywood starlets. It further cementing its status as a symbol of glamour and desire.

Passion and Confidence:

This is a color that exudes passion and confidence. When you wear this colour, you can’t help but feel bold and empowered. Whether you’re strutting in a power suit, a sultry gown, or just a pop of  in your shoes or handbag. This hue makes a statement like no other. It’s no wonder that this colour is often the color of choice for celebrities on the red carpet. This colour commanding attention and exuding a magnetic allure.

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